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Oktoberfest 2012!

Downtown Munich, thousands of people, good times

rain 50 °F

Myself, Clint, Brandon and Paul G decided to meet up and attend Oktoberfest this fine Saturday day.

We arrived in Munich by train from Landshut around 1 o'clock and walked around a bit to take in all the sites and sounds. We stopped by a nice cigar shop and did a little bit of shopping for the day. We walked around a bit to try and see some landmarks and churches as well before we went to the actual festival. I snapped some pictures of some nice architecture and etc as well. We stopped by a small bakery shop and enjoyed some well made pretzels and butter, which were awesome!

Afterwards, we finally made our way to the festival, and on arrival you can just hear the people chanting and yelling from a half mile away. What was so nice about being in Munich was that your nationality was never a matter of whether or not if you could have fun. Everyone was there to enjoy each others company and have a good time. We walked around a bit trying to find where we should try and settle in. If you havent been to Oktoberfest, imagine the Armada Fair beer tent completely packed to the gills, then multiply that by 5 and you will get the size of ONE beer tent at Oktoberfest. There are roughly 10 or so beer tents there permanently fixed to the ground and will never be moved. Side alleys of food stands and souvenir shops line whatever room that is left. We finally came across a small Beer Garden / Hall that was established by the Spaten beer company. We must have waited 50 minutes in line before Brandon was picked and we all shuffled in. The security guard didnt see that I was one of the four in the group to be let in and almost beat me in the head with a plastic water bottle because he thought I was trying to sneak in, regardless we figured it all out and made our way to a nice table.

Over the course of 4 hours, we met numerous German, French, Spanish and American people who were there in Oktoberfest to do the same thing we were, enjoy ourselves, which we did to the fullest. It rained for most of the 4 hours we were there, but we didnt care, we were all in the moment and having a great time. All in all a very good day to say the least. One for the books in my opinion!

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We Have Arrived!

We came, we saw some stuff, but havent conquered anything just yet.......

overcast 65 °F

Well, maybe we conquered a few things. Like the 2 mile walk from BFE to the Hotel in downtown Landshut, Ergolding, Germany. I dont think you guys have any idea. Brandon melted a wheel on his suitcase. This is all after we pulled the dumb American stereotype and bummed a free first class train ride to Landshut, then we hiked it via bus all the way tom Ergolding, so we thought. We got super turned around. Ended up in the opposite direction. SO! back on another bus.......finally make it to Ergolding. But wait! We are a good couple miles away from the hotel, we we walked it. BRUTAL! But we made it. Pics are going up of the hotel room. Pretty legit!

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We finally received our apartments today. You can find my address throughout here somewhere. I will put it in this post and a couple other places if I can find one. Feel free to send mail!


Gutenbergstr.6, B 102, 89073 Ulm

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Hotel Booked!

4 days in Munich starts on Sept 27th

Just booked a triple bedroom just outside Munich in Landshut, Ergolding, Germany at the Hotel Meridian. Its 53 minutes from Munich by train. Hotel California........BAVARIAN STYLE!!!!

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15 days and counting......

This is more or less a test to see if this works well enough.

-15 days until we leave for Munich Germany.

Cant believe it! Finally settling in.

Keep checking my blog to see how Clint, Brandon and myself are doing and view some photos and videos of our adventures.

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